Bluestem’s principals and affiliated groups are among a select few of the best educated, most highly trained, widely experienced, and respected business intermediaries, business acquisition advisors, and advocates in Oklahoma and the USA. Principles -The Bluestem Way
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Principles - The Bluestem Way™

Our way  -- “The Bluestem Way tm -- serves clients by applying refined processes, extensive education, and contacts. Bluestem’s principals and affiliated groups are among a select few of the best educated, most highly trained, widely experienced, and respected business intermediaries, business acquisition advisors, and advocates in the USA.

We are proud of our people and their credentials, as well as our tools, resources and processes. The Bluestem Way tm secures us squarely on our primary and ethical guiding principles. The Bluestem Way tm begins with our commitment to fundamental beliefs and continues with our core values and tenets of conduct.

Our name is consistent with the way we conduct our business.  
We welcome your scrutiny of our professionalism and principles. They are at the core in picking an advisor. 


BluestemUSA sm remains committed to the fundamental beliefs upon which John C. Johnson founded Bluestem Resources Group, LLC in Tulsa, Oklahoma almost a quarter century ago.

Mr. Johnson established Bluestem Resources to represent business owners located in this geographic region, while providing the highest quality of representation and market reach available anywhere in the USA. This value has been affirmed repeatedly.

From Tulsa, Oklahoma, Bluestem brings acquisitions, market access, experience, knowledge, and performance on par with the best business acquisitions advisors and intermediaries to be found in the USA. We are critically vested in peak performance on each assignment – our success is matched with our client’s success. Some acquisition advisors and business intermediaries can casually walk away from poor performance to work with a clean slate elsewhere next time. At BluestemUSA sm, we are grounded, living every day in the communities we serve, with a reputation built through decades of performance.

As in sports, a strong home court advantage is a huge benefit. We know the players and playing fields with a breadth and depth that neither local upstarts nor outside competitors could ever deliver. M&A intermediaries, acquisition advisors, and business brokers who market for clients here, and try to service multiple clients from afar, can never deliver our benefit. Bluestem Resources works with highly diverse people and circumstances. The Bluestem Way™ holds true to our Fundamental Beliefs, Core Values, & Conduct to keep our bearings to "True North".


At BluestemUSA sm, our core values are:

      • Integrity – Measured by results not intent

      • Honesty – Trustworthy as a fundamental state of mind, heart & action

      • Value - Bluestem's work must always add value

      • Proficiency - Adept & skillful professionals

      • Discretion - Privacy & confidentiality are cornerstones of our conduct

      • Diligence - Persistence in every assignment drives success


These values lead to our tenants of conduct that BluestemUSA sm relies upon in building enduring strength and success through direction, principles, expertise & beliefs.

  • Bluestem Creates Success
  • Success Is Driven By Diligently Applying Key Behaviors.
  • Listening . . . A most valuable resource
  • Give & Command Respect . . . This is our business lifeblood
  • Sacrificing Values for Gain . . . Always a losing proposition
  • Teamwork . . . Serves the client and their success
  • Time is of the essence . . . Time kills deals
  • Lead . . . By deed & example
  • Communities . . . Serve & build  in communities that sustain us
  • Education & Change . . . Primary to survival, both yours & ours!
  • Results Oriented . . . Performance

For additional information on Bluestem Resources Group’s capabilities and track record of success, see Bluestem's Performance. To learn more about selling businesses in Oklahoma or surrounding states, whether a midsize business or small business, see Selling a Business. To begin working effectively with a Tulsa Oklahoma business broker to find business acquisitions, see Buying a Business. Check out Bluestem’s Competitive Advantage to understand the benefit we bring to our clients from Tulsa OK - corporate acquisitions - acquisition advisors - M&A business brokers of small and midsize businesses.

’s Strategic Services overview business transitions and business development through our professional services in Outsourced Business Development, Strategic Planning and Solutions, Business Wealth Counsel, Receivership Appointments, and Business Valuation.

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