Founded in 1987 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, BluestemUSA is one of the Southwest’s most experienced and trusted M&A business brokers. With over thirty years of operating experience and hundreds of successful transaction fulfillments; BluestemUSA is credible, established and capable of orchestrating your business divestiture or acquisition on a timely and confidential basis at maximum valuations. As M&A brokers and advisors, BluestemUSA also performs pre-sale business valuations, succession planning and improvement and pre-sale performance improvement strategies.


Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, BluestemUSA is focused primarily on middle market clients  with annual revenues from $2 Million to $50 Million. While Oklahoma and the Southwest U.S. are  our core markets,  John C. Johnson, Bluestem’s Founder, with the leaders of other respected  regional M&A advisor firms  joined to  fully serve  the needs of  sellers and investors across the U.S.A. This led to the formation and investment in the refined M&A platform of the International Business Group (IBG) and the Oil and Gas Advisor in 2014. These powerful strategic partnerships work together to ensure best outcomes for business owners who are selling a business.  Our advisors provide Bluestem’s clients with extended market access, and the benefits of highly talented professional teams with fully developed training, experience, resources and extensive contacts. So, whether you own a family-owned business in rural Oklahoma or a multi-state manufacturer, BluestemUSA has the experience and resources to manage  your transaction


  • Over 30 Years of Proven Performance 
  • Certified Professionals – Advanced Education 
  • Strong Partners & Networks
  • Trusted Leaders 
  • Professional Process & Market Knowledge 
  • Refined Tools & Resources 
  • Driven To Perform