“We are not passive ‘joiners’, but active participants who provide quality leadership in affiliations that enrich our communities, our clients, and the IBG / BluestemUSA team experience.”

John C. Johnson
Founder, Bluestem Resources Group

IBG / BluestemUSA has established important professional affiliations through the years that continue to benefit our clientele today and remain excellent vehicles for giving back into our communities as we serve clients. These key affiliations provide vital links into business communities, corporate acquisitions professionals, and trustworthy advisors, enabling us to develop and maintain key groups of contacts, create learning opportunities, and provide valuable resources to draw upon. A sampling of John C. Johnson’s accomplishments and roles in these have included:


M&A Source

M&A Source

(Founding member, Chairman, Director, Chair of various leadership committees, certified Master Merger & Acquisition Intermediary, Darrell Fouts Award)

The M&A Source promotes professional development and members’ interests to better serve merger and acquisition clients’ needs and maximize public awareness of professional intermediary services available for middle market merger and corporate acquisition transactions.

The M&A Source was established in 1991 to address the professional issues of merger and acquisition advisors, intermediaries and related M&A professionals. It has grown to more than 250 advisors and intermediaries worldwide. The M&A Source goals are to advance members’ deal making opportunities, M&A practice standards and personal growth through forums for corporate acquisitions advisors and M&A intermediaries to exchange information and learn from one another.

Members’ professional activities include representing owners in completing the sale of their businesses or searching to acquire companies, divisions or product lines; as M&A advisors to clients on acquisitions, values, structures, strategies and methods for ownership transfers of middle market companies; in facilitating financing necessary to consummate the transaction; and preserving client confidentiality.


(Past President, Director, Fellow, Certified Business Intermediary, President’s Award, Tom West Award, Life Member)

IBBA was formed in 1983 and now has more than 1,950 members in the USA and around the world. International Business Brokers Association is the largest international association operating exclusively for people and firms engaged in professional business brokerage, and as advisors or intermediaries in mergers and acquisitions.

IBBA’s cooperative business brokers, advisors and intermediaries can be found across Canada, Mexico, Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. It offers education conferences and an IBBA University educational program for training specific to the business broker profession in corporate acquisitions and related topics.

Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance

(Member, Board of Directors)

Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance provides technical assistance and business advice, helping manufacturing companies become progressively more successful. Its statewide network of manufacturing extension agents and applications engineers focus on improving the bottom line while growing the entire business.

Extension agents and engineers live and work in communities across Oklahoma, taking support to manufacturers’ workplace on the owners’ schedules. Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance is as one of the leading organizations of its type across the USA.

Oklahoma Manufacturers Resources Network

(Member, Steering Committee Director)

OMRN was formed to create an effective network of identified service providers to the needs of the manufacturing business community. Through monthly meeting and business presentations, members were connected to each other and to the network of extension agents serving manufacturing clients throughout the State of Oklahoma.

Rotary Club


(Member, Director, President, Paul Harris Fellow)

Rotary is about Service Above Self. An organization of more than 1.2 million members comprised of business, professional, and community leaders bound by a humanitarian spirit. Strong fellowship and meaningful community and international service projects characterize Rotary. Rotarians, provide service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world. Clubs are nonpolitical, nonreligious, and open to all cultures, races, and creeds.

Tulsa Economic Development Corporation


TEDC was founded in 1979 as an organization charged with promoting and sustaining small business growth in Tulsa. In the past ten years, TEDC has provided or located more than $156 million to help nearly 300 small businesses start or expand and impacting nearly 3,500 jobs.

TEDC now operates as TEDC Creative Capital, reflecting its greatly expended range of programs and geographic reach. It makes and facilitates loan from $5,000 to $10 million, using private and public funds. The mission remains creating economic vitality in its communities by encouraging small business growth.

Entrepreneurs of Tulsa

(Member, Director)

Entrepreneurs of Tulsa was formed to create an environment celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit. Through member gatherings and outside speakers, advisors and guests ET’s motto is “”Creativity To Commerce”. It brings together ideas and opportunities for innovation, invention, intellectual property, and investment. ET is Tulsa’s forum for new ideas and mentoring.

Tulsa Executives’ Association

(Member, Director, Committee Chair)

The Tulsa Executives’ Association (TEA) was founded in 1930 by a dozen prominent Tulsa, Oklahoma business leaders created a corporate networking organization to help each other survive the depression years. The new association was to provide mutual support, business referrals, and encouraged members to patronize each other’s businesses when possible.

TEA is thriving with over one hundred active members plus half as many associate and honorary members. Warm camaraderie is enjoyed among the members over weekly meals, visits to members businesses and spotlight presentations. The association is highly regarded for the contributions it offers to members’ success.


(Graduate, Member, Director, Vice President, Committee Chair, Co-Chair; development of LOK’s Entrepreneurship Program)

LOK is committed to the betterment of Oklahoma by nurturing Oklahoma “leaders making Oklahoma the leader”. LOK creates, inspires and supports a dynamic network of leaders with increased awareness and commitment to service that energizes Oklahomans to shape its future.

LOK hears and answers the call to service. Members are passionate about Oklahoma and committed to its future, challenging the status quo to help Oklahoma achieve its growing potential. Program graduates help sustain a strong diversified economy, provide quality career opportunities and create an increasingly attractive quality of life. Change is fostered through a network of diverse leaders with enlightened perspective of challenges and opportunities facing the state. Members engage others in support of common goals and are persistent, informed, and involved leaders in the state. They embrace a common vision and serve as catalysts to build Oklahoma’s future.


(Member, Director)

The Academy is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, membership organization founded in 1967 to bring public attention to policy issues, provide objective, thorough research and act as a catalyst for positive change. The Academy identifies issues facing Oklahoma, provides well-researched, objective information, fosters nonpartisan collaboration, develops responsible recommendations, and encourages community and legislative action. Its vision is to empower Oklahomans to improve their quality of life through effective public policy development and implementation.

Oklahoma Private Enterprise Forum

(Member, Director, Sponsor, President)

The Oklahoma Private Enterprise Forum was organized in Tulsa to foster business development through private enterprise. Prior to merging with the Oklahoma Investment Forum, OPEF provided a forum for investors, entrepreneurs and others to exchange experiences and ideas through discussions and studies of corporate finance and investing, and development and growth of new and existing small businesses.

The annual Oklahoma Investment Forum was created to provide a format for matching business needs to investment capital and corporate finance. Selected high growth companies from the state made featured presentations to a national audience of private capitalists. Entrepreneurs obtained an estimated $150 million as a result of the Oklahoma Investment Forum.

Tulsa Regional Chamber


(Member, Financial Services Advocate of the Year Award, Finalist; Tulsa Small Business Person of the Year Award)

Tulsa Metro Chamber is the principal business-driven leadership organization improving the quality of community life through development of regional economic prosperity. For over 100 years, it has served as an integral part of what makes the Tulsa community a great place to live, work and play. It focuses on results translating directly to benefit its 3,000 members and the greater community.

The Chamber is Tulsa’s business community’s primary advocate, but teams with key community partners to ensure well-balanced representation. Together, with visionary civic leadership of the Directors and Advisors Board, over 1,700 volunteer members working with 50 plus staff, the Chamber is one of the most dynamic member-driven, community-oriented organizations in the USA.

In 2010, the Tulsa Metro Chamber was named the nation’s best chamber for a record third time in consecutive years of eligibility. The Chamber of the Year Award is the highest achievement in the chamber industry and is awarded by the American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE).



ACG is a global community for middle market M&A dealmakers and business leaders focused on driving growth. ACG members have access to data, content and networking to access capital, make deals, and drive corporate growth. Founded in 1954, ACG has grown to more than 13,000 members organized in 55 chapters throughout North America, Europe and Asia.



(Member, Director)

The State Chamber stands to make Oklahoma “The State of Choice for Business.” through business advocacy. It serves as legislative advocates, at the state and federal levels, representing all types and sizes of business. The State Chamber also provides services and programs designed to address the specific needs of small business, manufacturing, community development and education.

Formed in the early 1920’s, The State Chamber now serves members in more than 2,000 individual business locations, in 25 states. Most members have less than 35 employees. Policy is developed and set by a volunteer membership corps comprised of about 650 professionals in over 30 separate committees, task forces and councils. The Board of Directors establishes policy approval.