IBG / BluestemUSA’s Competitive Advantage

IBG / BluestemUSA delivers breadth and depth; broad experience and deep expertise in selling businesses, valuations, and as strategic corporate acquisitions advisors. Our business brokers, advisors, and M&A advisors are highly educated, trained, and certified.   Bringing insight, resources, and corporate advisor skill, effective effort and impeccable ethics are IBG / BluestemUSA’s core.

IBG / BluestemUSA’s corporate acquisitions and sale processes are refined and executed with  wisdom, skill and art, to deliver clients’ success.  Family business owners gain advantage from IBG / BluestemUSA’s efforts, perceptiveness and creative solutions in business acquisitions advice.

I’ve seen the elephant, and I’ve heard the owl, and
I’ve been to the other side of the mountain.

Unsurpassed in expertise and experience; IBG / BluestemUSA delivers for you as Oklahoma corporate acquisitions advisors, business brokers or your family owned business development team.

Compare IBG / BluestemUSA’s proven capabilities and track record of excellence.  IBG / BluestemUSA’s corporate acquisitions advisors guide you in how to sell a business, preparing a business for sale, or optimizing value by creating and executing your family owned business transitions. Preparing to sell your Oklahoma business?  See Selling A Business.  Acquisitions advisors you trust to manage selling your business or acquisition strategy should be proven professionals. To buy a business, or choose your business broker, see Buying a Business. As Tulsa Oklahoma corporate acquisitions advisors and business brokers to midsized family owned business, Bluestem’s advisors will help you plan and execute your corporate acquisitions or business sale process. Connect with IBG / BluestemUSA now to confidentially start your journey to successfully selling a business or finding your business for sale.


John C. Johnson Personal Comments On Selecting Corporate Acquisitions Advisors

Picking a corporate acquisitions advisor for family owned business transitions should not be impulsive. Whether in New York, Oklahoma City or Tulsa, Oklahoma; corporate acquisition advisors (i.e., business brokers, intermediaries and advisors for acquisitions), are a composite of experience and ability. Business affiliate, John Zayac’s, business philosophy puts it well: “Capitalizing on the opportunity of a lifetime requires the experience to recognize it and the skill to do what is needed.”  Bluestem’s professionals are Tulsa Oklahoma’s corporate acquisition advisors with the unsurpassed track record of proven performance, experience, formal education, and success in deal making.

Competency as Corporate Acquisitions Advisors and Business Brokers to midsized family owned businesses.

Why do corporate acquisitions advisors need depth and breadth? To succeed for midsized family owned businesses for their Oklahoma corporate acquisitions and sales – advisors handle diverse and complex issues. In a company acquisition, divestiture, sale, or spin-off, issues and obstacles occur during stakeholder’s “simultaneous corporate acquisition negotiations”; buyer, seller, lenders, family, partners, advisors, third parties (e.g., employees, vendors, landlords, etc.), customers, mezzanine and corporate finance, tax consequences, risks, expert acquisition advisors, and others. M&A business brokers must keenly appreciate and understand the numerous consequences and opportunities.

A top corporate acquisition advisor needs wisdom to “see what is coming around the corner”. In Oklahoma, corporate acquisition advisors must know local markets, key advisors, corporate finance environments, and legal aspects.  Corporate acquisition advisors effectively interact with other advisors relying on acquisitions knowledge, education, training, experience, and, critically, reputation. Simply put, an advisor’s skills, wisdom, art, and expertise deliver better acquisition transactions for seller and buyer.

People & Place Matter; Your Corporate Acquisition Advisor’s Credentials

When your business is sold or acquired, big advantages come with selecting trustworthy and respected leaders as corporate acquisitions advisors to manage your divestiture, acquisition or business transition. Whether in Dallas or Tulsa, Oklahoma – corporate acquisition advisors are team leaders in successful sale transactions. They know national markets plus the local and regional markets, including key parties to any successful deal; leaders in corporate finance, law, accounting, banking, plus buyers and sellers. Bluestem’s corporate acquisition advisors live in and serve the Oklahoma business community, thriving on reputations we earn daily in Tulsa and Oklahoma as family business and commercial acquisitions advisors.

To select your trusted Tulsa, Oklahoma corporate acquisitions advisor, demand disclosures from the firm’s principal and also from the associate business advisor, to whom you are relegated. Require corporate acquisition advisors to disclose their educational resumes – schools, degrees, and when. Avoid glib, charming corporate acquisitions advisors or brokers using vague shuffles and smooth talk to mask “holes” in professional backgrounds and qualifications.  Require business advisors provide specific details (no vague “gaps”) of continuous professional tenure as business or corporate acquisitions advisors – where were they and when were they there.

Some claim experience in the M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions), business broker, or corporate acquisitions advisory business since some year, but may have once been in acquisitions,  washed out, later reemerging. They may ambiguously cover decades of gaps with “in the business since . . .”.  Ask for the intermediary or acquisitions advisor’s bona fides and relevant certifications – a law license or CPA is impressive, but can hold scant relevance as a skilled corporate acquisitions advisor. For what companies did the advisor work and in what positions over their life’s career?  Do they have relevant career experience with well-known corporate leaders (e.g., Fortune 500 companies)?

Check Your Corporate Acquisitions Advisor’s Affiliations, Relationships, & Performance Track Record

Ask what acquisition deals the M&A Broker or corporate acquisition advisors handled. Look for a strong list of deals done; not just a few or recent ones.  What do others say about advisory acumen and character; ignore staged “show clips” and see decades of testimonials across a cross section – clients, customers, affiliates, professional acquisition advisor peers and other leaders.

Work to find outstanding acquisitions advisor pro’s.  Even in Tulsa, Oklahoma – corporate acquisition advisors may try to mask their weak or shallow history that proves less expertise than clients should require of a business acquisition advisor or business broker.  Note “confidentiality concerns” being cited to avoid revealing a poor tenure or checkerboard past. Evasion doesn’t suffice; get a clearly demonstrable, long track record, as a full time professional corporate acquisitions intermediary and advisor.

Look for trusted leadership roles across state and national business communities, including trusted acquisition advisor affiliations such as IBBA, The M&A Source, AM&AA, and Association for Corporate Growth. What is your corporate acquisitions advisor’s Oklahoma track record as business community leaders in taking leadership roles or being awarded for accomplishment? Who holds the business advisor in high esteem for qualities and capabilities? Do they demonstrate commitment to professional excellence as corporate acquisitions advisors or M&A intermediaries?  Do they have a record of continuous training through their entire career or have they taken an occasional short course?

Seek Your Future with a Competent, Certified Professional Corporate Acquisitions Advisor

History is a key predictor for future results. Entrust your family owned business to an Oklahoma corporate acquisition advisor only after looking at that advisor’s full history before you seek your future.  Make a wise choice, it matters.

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