Bluestem Resources’ Legacy

“The Bluestem Resources Way” — serves clients with high values, refined processes, extensive education, and contacts. Bluestem’s principals, partners and affiliated groups are among a select few of the best educated, most highly trained, widely experienced, and respected M&A business brokers, corporate acquisition advisors, and advocates in the USA.

We are proud of our people and their credentials, as well as our tools, resources and processes. The Bluestem Way secures us squarely on our primary and ethical guiding principles. The Bluestem Way begins with our commitment to our principles and continues with our core values and tenets of conduct.


IBG / BluestemUSA remains committed to the fundamental principles upon which John C. Johnson founded Bluestem Resources Group in Tulsa, Oklahoma over thirty years ago.

John Johnson established Bluestem Resources to represent business owners regionally, while providing the highest quality service and market reach available anywhere in the USA.

Selling businesses from Tulsa, Oklahoma – Bluestem Resources brings acquisitions, market access, experience, knowledge, and performance matching top corporate  acquisitions advisors and M&A Business Brokers found anywhere. Vested in peak outcomes on each assignment – our success is our client’s success. Some corporate acquisition advisors and business intermediaries operate far removed from their clients, and casually walking away from poor performance only to start with a clean slate elsewhere. Bluestem Resources Group and IBG / BluestemUSA are solidly grounded, living every day in the communities we serve. Bluestem Resources Group’s reputation has been built through decades of performance.

A strong “home court advantage” is a huge benefit when IBG / BluestemUSA is selling a business. We know the players and playing fields with breadth and depth exceeding our competition. M&A brokers – corporate acquisition advisors, and business brokers who market for clients here or as absentee brokers trying try to service multiple clients from afar, will not match benefits we deliver. Bluestem Resources holds on course with our Fundamental Principals, Core Values & Conduct, and our legacy as Bluestem Resources Group, keeping our bearings true.

Core Values & Conduct

At Bluestem Resources and IBG / BluestemUSA, our core values are:

Integrity – Measured by results not intent

Honesty – Trustworthy as a state of mind, heart & action

Value – Bluestem’s work must always add value

Proficiency – Adept & skillful professionals

Discretion – Privacy is a cornerstone of our conduct

Diligence – Persistence in every assignment drives success

Our values lead to tenants of conduct that Bluestem Resources and IBG / BluestemUSA rely upon.

  • Bluestem Resources Creates Successful Outcomes
  • Success Is Driven By Diligently Applying Key Behaviors
  • Listening . . . A most valuable resource
  • Give & Command Respect . . . This is our business lifeblood
  • Sacrificing Values for Gain . . . Always a losing proposition
  • Teamwork . . . Serves the client and their success
  • Time is of the essence . . . Time kills deals
  • Lead . . . By deed & example
  • Communities . . . Serve & build in communities that sustain us
  • Education & Change . . . Primary to survival, both yours & ours!
  • Results Oriented . . . Performance

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People Often Ask About Our Name

Bluestem Resources Group was chosen to be memorable, yet confidential, respecting privacy for our clients by not naming our business activities as M&A business brokers or corporate acquisitions advisors or business brokers.  While proud of our M&A Broker profession, we also know the need to protect privacy and confidentiality.

Bluestem USA
IBG BluestemUSA

Bluestem (Andropogon geraradi) is a dominant native grass among groups in the Southwest’s Tallgrass Prairie.  Bluestems are perennials, prized as a sturdy, protective renewable resources, and for Bluestem’s nutrients.  Bluestem’s deep, pervasive roots, enable withstanding intense pressures of fire, drought, and storms.  Bluestems control erosion of fertile grounds, covering exposed areas and yielding essential nutrients for new growth.  Bluestem works with other contributing resources to provide a strong and stable environment for growth and change.

At Bluestem Resources Group, Bluestem is cover, Resources signifies our capabilities, access, tools and talent, and Group represents our team approach, working for our client’s success.

BluestemUSA is a tradename of Bluestem Resources Group, LLC.  We “invented” the name BluestemUSA. It holds true to our roots and traditions while updating the moniker and our thirty year old logo.  Our USA name and logo express our deep gratitude to our nation and its founding principles. Our country is rich in history and excellence. It allows us to thrive as free thinking independent business owners, diverse groups, and entrepreneurs. As individualists, personal freedom and opportunity are fundamental in life and business, as people create prosperity and choose their futures.  We appreciate, respect, and understand the value of protecting this independence and our precious freedoms.

Our newer tradename, IBG / BluestemUSA, signifies Bluestem Resources Group’s expanded national reach from our strong roots and presence as Tulsa, Oklahoma M&A – business brokers.  IBG / BluestemUSA’s founder and principal,  John C. Johnson, is also  one of four founders and principals in International Business Group, LLC and in The Oil & Gas Advisor.

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