John C. Johnson – Founder and Managing Partner

John Johnson
John Johnson
John Johnson

If you are considering selling a business, today or in the future, expertise, experience, resources and leadership are keys to your success. John Johnson offers all this, and much more.

John has delivered peak performance and exceptional results for hundreds of clients during the past three decades. He stands ready to do the same for you. John has created, built and sold his own businesses. He understands the work, challenges, emotions, and the exhilaration of a successful business sale.

John knows what buyers seek and that sellers need buyers who are well informed, nurtured, and fully motivated to make their strongest offers. He can guide you to your best outcome. You can count on him to have your back at every step, twist and turn of the process.

Keen deal sense, creativity and refined insights deliver for you:


John offers you big competitive advantages in selling your business by capitalizing on a rich blend of expertise, experience, resources and leadership.

John Johnson brings a unique blend of expertise for crafting the best outcomes for clients when selling a business.

From the earliest days of his career, John Johnson has cultivated a broad knowledge base and refined skills that are invaluable in acquisitions and divestitures of firms.  He is adept at strategic thinking, business and financial analysis, negotiations, ownership issues, and mergers and acquisitions.

John is educated in petroleum engineering from the University of Tulsa and with a Master’s in Business Administration from Texas Christian University. He earned professional certifications as both a Master Mergers and Acquisitions Intermediary and a Lifetime Certified Business Intermediary. He has written and taught courses for the leading professional associations, and was chosen to lead a re-write and strengthen the national certification exam for the business broker profession.

With over three decades of full-time commitment to clients’ business sales and acquisitions, John is nationally and locally respected as one of the leading M&A profession’s practitioners, a leader who is both broadly trained and highly experienced.  He is recognized as “Industry Expert for the Oil and Gas Industry” by Business Brokerage Press.

John’s professional work has led to top awards in the business community and in the M&A broker profession.

  • The M&A Source Darrel Fouts Award for M&A Profession Leadership
  • International Business Brokers Association’s Chairman’s Award
  • Tom West Award for outstanding contributions to development of the profession and its ethics
  • Acquisition International’s – U.S.A. M&A Broker of the Year
  • Finance Monthly’s 2016 Deal Maker of the Year for the APSCO Sale
  • ACQ 5 M&A Awards – Gamechanger of the Year
  • S. Small Business Administration’s Award – Oklahoma Financial Services Advocate of the Year

These recognize John’s unique qualities as a proven leader, a strong advocate, and a top dealmaker.  Qualities that benefit our clients in every transaction,.

John understands every aspect of business sales, and is prepared to put his expertise to work for you. If you are considering selling a business, today or in the future, now is the time to contact John, to confidentially discover how, together, you can best achieve your business sale objectives.

There is no substitute for experience, and you will find no one with a deeper well of experience to draw upon than John Johnson. Selling a business can be complicated, and pitfalls abound, but John’s wealth of experience will guide you through every aspect of the deal.

John’s life experiences include training as an engineer and in business management a Fortune 100 corporate career in business analysis and acquisitions, and through businesses owned.  He appreciates and respects business each owner’s sacrifice, stress, risk, and work. He also knows the relief, freedom and exhilaration owners will feel by completing a change of hands with the best possible outcome.

At Amoco (now BP Exxon) and Union Pacific Corporation – John managed professionals in key strategic and investment decisions through financial analysis, economic evaluations, strategic plans, and in mergers and acquisitions. He built and successfully sold a private distribution business, then sold it again to a strategic acquirer / public energy company. He has owned a land and cattle business, limestone mining interests, and a fiberglass product manufacturing business. He also acquired and manages a group of oil and gas interests

For three decades, John has devoted full-time focus on the mergers and acquisitions profession, selling businesses. As an advisor, advocate and intermediary for business owners, he has personally handles business sales from start to finish to ensure his clients’ best outcomes. He has managed scores of business sales – giving counsel, preparing value assessments for “hold-and-grow or sell-and-go” decisions, and guiding clients through the acquisition or divestiture process and decisions. He can do the same for you.

If you are considering selling a business, today or in the future, now is the time to contact John to confidentially discover how, together, you can achieve your business sale objectives.

Structuring a good business deal requires an extensive network of resources, and John Johnson has just such a network ready to work on your behalf. IBG Business is an award-winning, industry leading, nationwide, M&A broker and advisor firm. As founder and managing partner at IBG, John works with top M&A industry professionals to create performance partnerships and empower your best business sale outcome.

Similarly, John has brought together experts in oil, gas and energy business sales and acquisitions as founder and managing partner of The Oil and Gas Advisor. This firm specializes in mergers and acquisitions of energy-related industrial firms in manufacturing, wholesale, propane, logistics and services.

As a highly respected leader in M&A brokers and advisor profession, John can effective reach out to experts throughout the regional and national business community for cooperation, ideas and assistance in any sale issue you may encounter.

Contact John today to confidentially discover how to best accomplish your business sale objectives with your best outcome.


To sell your business with the best outcome, it is a great advantage to have a strong leader working on your behalf. From an early age, John Johnson distinguished himself as a high achiever and natural leader.

In college, John was chapter president of engineering honor societies, Tau Beta Pi and Pi Epsilon Tau, and the Society of Petroleum Engineers. A proven lifelong leader, John was selected for Leadership Oklahoma, where he served as a vice president and board member. John has served in leader roles for the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance, the Oklahoma Academy for State Goals, and Entrepreneurs of Tulsa. He has been President and Board Chair of Tulsa Executives Association and Oklahoma Private Enterprise Forum, and as director for Tulsa Economic Development Corporation, as well as numerous youth, church and community groups.

John’s leadership in his profession is highly recognized and respected. A Fellow and Life Member of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), he has served multiple board terms and as officer, including president and past presidents’ council chair. He was a founder and the Chair of The M&A Source, the leading association of dedicated M&A broker professionals. John created the first strategic plans for these organizations, plans that provided their foundations for growth over two decades. He serves as co-chair of the industry-wide steering committee to achieve regulations appropriate to the M&A industry. He is also a founder and director of the Business Intermediaries Education Foundation.

Contact John to discuss the right process for creating you best outcome in a business sale.

If you are considering selling a business, today or in the future, now is the time to contact John to confidentially discover how, together, you can achieve your business sale objectives.

Contact John Johnson for a free, confidential visit on what you should know today about selling your business.