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IBG / BluestemUSA, as well as our team of associates, and affiliated operations, has received feedback from scores of people. A sampling follows:

Our objectives were to fund our retirement by extracting risk free money from value of the business, while staying active with a partner who would fund and support growth initiatives . . . respecting our objectives, IBG led us in negotiating a sale that exceeded all hopes. We enjoyed a huge ROI from investing in John and IBG to manage our sale . . . strategically prepared . . . unearthed and explained the true underlying value . . . and navigating us to a great result . . . find effective solutions to every obstacle. . . delivered on many opportunities to win value for us. Our sale was completed at more than twice the value of initial offers and what we had thought to be an attainable value . . . We highly recommend IBG to other business owners who may look to selling their business.

- Roger Walker - CEO of Citadel Technologies

I can think of no one in the industry that I would more strongly recommend than John Johnson. I would trust him with my life. In fact, I did. I would recommend that you do the same.

- Craig Sutton - CEO of RotoHammer Industries, Inc.

I knew when I hired your firm to help me with my business sale, that you were good. But, I had no idea that you would be as good at this as you are.

- Larry Mocha - CEO of APSCO, Inc.

. . . working with John Johnson the past fourteen years. . . found him to be one of the best professionals. . . from coast to coast. . . his work product is a sterling example. . . integrity beyond reproach. John sees challenges that surface as an opportunity to roll up his sleeves and get the job done!

- Lane Pennington - Partner Pennington Capital

My family . . . hired IBG business to complete the sale of a company owned firm . . . IBG was recommended to us by our CPA. We were extremely comfortable . . . put together a package for us that would value our business. It was very professional . . . amazed at how quickly we went to market, and then . . . received . . . four offers. All of which . . . would’ve met our objectives. . . a fair price for the business. . . flexibility to spend time with my family . . . we could choose the buyer group that we felt best fit our needs . . . . . . bumps in the road. . . . where . . . IBG excelled. . . able to foresee some of the obstacles that might occur . . . the buyer actually said to me “I think your business broker is earning his money.” . . . reason for selling was a personal reason, IBG was very cognizant of this . . . did they know their business? I would absolutely give IBG the absolute highest marks . . . always there to help us . . . when we had a problem. . . . good working relationship . . . would highly recommend them. . . We achieved a price that far exceeded what we expected . . . best of both worlds, because I’m still involved . . . have a small ownership stake . . . flexibility to spend time with my family . . . the best of both worlds for me. I fully attribute to the professionalism and the abilities of staff at IBG.

- Kelly Young - CEO of Young Oil Tools

I have owned several valve businesses over the last forty years. I?ve worked with lots of people and have done lots of deals around the oil patch. I noticed three things that stuck out as a being as good as I have ever seen, and those were your work ethic, complete commitment to my success, and skill at your job. I will always recommend you and your firm for selling a business, and regard you as a friend.

- Joe Goodeyon - President, Texas Valve Co.

John, this transaction went very well – thanks to you. . . I am mindful of your comment that ?they are supposed to go this way?, but things often do not happen the way they are supposed to happen.ÿ It takes effort to keep transactions on track. . . I have done this type of work for almost as long as you. . . I am glad that I had the opportunity to work with you over the last couple of months.

- Jerry Zimmerman - Attorney

. . . accept my gratitude for your efforts and skill in delivering a successful sale of Cohlmia’s. . . a long labor of love for me . . . owned and nurtured for 35 years . . . an excellent business that held many fond memories and cherished friends. My choice to sell did not come lightly. . . I choose business advisors cautiously. You . . . were recommended by some of my most trusted advisors. You earned your reputation in my book. . . you steadfastly represented my best interests. My confidentiality was preserved throughout. . . honest and frank in dealing with all parties and their advisors. Job well done! I will continue to recommend your services to any business owner with no reservation.

- Charlie Cohlmia - CEO, Cohlmia's

. . . 40 years in this business and it was very enjoyable. . . getting up . . . 5:00 every morning . . work, work, work, . . . I was getting kinda tired and . . . approaching 70 years old . . . I decided, “Man, I know nothing about selling a business. I need some real help.” . . . I can’t say enough about the hours that John spent working on a good sale with the right person at the right price. . . getting everything just right . . . he would ask all the right questions . . . I found out in the sale of it, there were a lot of, lot . . . of things that had to fit together for this to work. John as an M&A broker. . . with IBG . . . will do anybody a great job. . . I have recommended John several times already to business associates . . . because I know that he will do a very good job for them.

- Jack Bloss - Owner, Bloss Sales and Rentals

. . . .express our deepest appreciation . . . for handling the sale of our family’s 60-year old . . . business. Your efforts, advice and professionalism were central in our success . . . even with the unusual difficulties and circumstances presented in our sale. . . wisdom and expertise as advocates and advisors . . . anticipated the twists and turns, prepared us and led us . . . with steady vision and a firm hand . . . came to respect the knowledge, candor, hard work, and honorable approach. . . testament to Bluestem’s expertise and services. . . recommend to any business owner . . . to handle their business purchase or sale.

- Todd Fimple - Owner, Elliott Truck Lines