Now What? Post COVID-19 and the Oil Market Crash

You’ve been scrambling to manage your organization in the now current COVID-19 world. Directing staffing, inventory levels and liquidity – all with an eye toward what the recovery will look like post COVID-19…

Timing is Everything: Successful business owners know when to hold, and when to sell

The old adage that “timing is everything” is never truer than when it comes to selling – or not selling – a business.

Recent M&A Activity

IBG / BluestemUSA and it’s “Triple Threat” Powerhouse of partners are noted in the media for accomplishments and activities in Tulsa, in Oklahoma and across the USA. Our M&A Brokers principals are quoted resources, and featured in articles in industry publications, business journals, and industry news.

Following is media buzz with resources, information, press releases and articles of interest!

We are often invited to speak on:

  • Mergers
  • Selling a business
  • Buying a business
  • Business valuation
  • Exit strategy
  • Corporate Finance
  • Business transition processes
  • Strategy creation


For media inquiries or speaking engagement information, or to learn more about workshops, seminars, etc. please contact our Marketing Executive.

To learn more about selling a midsize business or small business in Oklahoma, or the surrounding states, see Selling My Business. To begin working with a business broker to find business acquisitions, see Buying a Business.