Steps to Buy a Business

If you are interested in buying a business, the process is simple – we need to hear from you! Whether you are an individual, corporate or private equity investor, the process for buying a business is much the same. The effective buying process starts with communicating information about your objectives and qualifications. BluestemUSA is obligated to be diligent in obtaining background and financial information, prior to initiating a process that discloses our clients’ private business information.  As such, we will need to obtain a Buyer Profile from you as well as an executed NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement); thereby protecting both your interests when buying a business and your counterparty’s need to protect the privacy of their information and circumstances.

BluestemUSA works with buyers in two ways:

1. Registered Buyers –  connect with Bluestem to register interest in buying a business, as well as your parameters, qualifications and execute the NDA. Once registered, you will be provided access to our existing and future listings.

Registered Buyers are qualified to receive Bluestems confidential business summaries with our client’s approval.  These professional summaries outline the attributes of the business, including:

  • Executive Summary
  • Financials
  • Products and Services
  • History
  • Ownership
  • Competition
  • Assets & Equipment

2. Buyer Clients –  Parties who are prepared to be proactive in buying a business may contract with Bluestem to represent them in finding and acquiring a business. Upon undertaking buy-side representation, Bluestem will serve as de-facto, outsourced Business Development Staff – managing corporate acquisitions activities for you, on a confidential, priority basis.

Don’t hesitate! Contact us today to receive a Buyer Profile, Non-Disclosure Agreement or Buy-Side Agreement. Initiate the confidential process to purchase your next business now.