Steps to Sell a Business

With over thirty years of M&A experience, BluestemUSA adheres to our fully refined M&A process. It is a proven winner in delivering value for our clients.  This process is executed with expertise, tools, wisdom, and art, which are essential to capture top value in selling a business.

We carefully plan the process, then execute the plan, From our first client meeting through closing and beyond, our proven process is custom designed to successfully guide you through your transaction and deliver your best outcome.


  • Build transferable value
  • Identify strategic enhancements
  • Plan exit timing
  • Establish value benchmarks
  • Clarify seller objectives
  • Gather and analyze business information
  • Conduct price / value analysis
  • Prepare Confidential Acquisition Thesis for offering
  • Assemble supporting information
  • Create sale strategy
  • Research prospective buyer targets
  • Implement marketing strategies
  • Screen buyer prospects
  • Contact prospective buyers
  • Obtain confidentiality agreements
  • Disclose information & nurture interest
  • Sell value & opportunities
  • Overcome obstacles & objections
  • Address issues & concerns
  • Coordinate & pre-negotiate terms
  • Elicit offers
  • Coordinate negotiations
  • Facilitate definitive agreement
  • Coordinate due diligence
  • Coordinate underwriting, legal and financial review
  • Address barriers and obstacles
  • Facilitate financial settlement
  • Facilitate adjustments
  • Monitor transition disputes
  • Stewardship

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