Critical elements to getting the deal done was the … IBG was able to set us up with the right buyer. . . the right people to invest in . . . there were many people over the years that would come in with an interest in buying APSCO . . . every time Larry would turn them away. They weren’t the right people. They had a different vision, or a different direction they wanted to go . . . IBG listened early on . . . and found the right buyers, but not only did they find the right buyers, they worked very hard in those early days to … To nurture the relationships. Tee up the relationships with myself, with Larry. With the other managers here. . . to develop comfort, clear, easy dialogue. Candid dialogue about where we wanted to go. . . that was key to getting the deal done. . . that was really all down to IBG and John Johnson finding . . . really a key element to getting it done. . . . very clearly, great job was done on understanding the objectives at the beginning and delivering the transaction that met those objectives at the end. They understood every step of the way how different obstacles and different challenges we faced could change . . . those objectives. . . was able to keep everything on track. On the first day and the last day. I mean that was every day through the transaction, where the experience of IBG and John really came through was when these obstacles would sit themselves in front of us. John was also able help us get through that, but see what else might be coming down the road. See that “Hey, if we get through this, this is going to happen in a weeks’ time or two weeks’ time.” And get us lined up . . . ready for those. . . . a lot of the time, we were working for things that were just perceived to be coming, but sure enough they would appear and we would be ready to take care of them. The value of the experience of IBG really helped through that process. . . this is really a deal which shouldn’t have been done, it really had every opportunity to fail, and we were able to get it done. . . that’s great for our employees and great for our customers, and great for our families.


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