John C. Johnson created the foundation for IBG / BluestemUSA’s legacy starting in 1979. Mr. Johnson is a degreed petroleum engineer and earned an MBA taking night classes while working full-time. He cut his teeth rising through various Fortune 500 corporate positions specializing in business analysis, advising in strategy planning, feasibility studies, acquisitions, and business valuations. In 1979, he left Union Pacific’s Park Avenue corporate headquarters to take the helm of a startup family business. He grew this distribution business to nearly $15M in revenues before successfully exiting, through a business sale to a strategic acquirer. Following the business sale in 1987, Mr. Johnson started Bluestem Resources Group, Inc. as M&A business brokers and acquisitions advisors in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Mr. Johnson’s leadership has been instrumental to IBG / BluestemUSA’s success for nearly a quarter century.

JOHN C. JOHNSON - Founder and Managing PartnerFounder and Managing Partner
MATT FRYE - Managing DirectorManaging Director

Like Mr. Johnson’s career path, Matt Frye joined Bluestem after a successful career in a variety of corporate roles. Mr. Frye obtained his undergraduate degree in Finance, and like Mr. Johnson, earned his MBA degree at night while working full time in the exploration and production business. A serial entrepreneur, Mr. Frye went on to serve over twenty years in executive level positions; some of which included the founding or start-up operation of multiple highly successful energy technology ventures. Top line results for these new ventures ranged from $2 to $25 Million per annum. Exceedingly familiar with the challenges and demands of the lower and mid-tier organization, his passion and experience with product development and launches serve BluestemUSA’s clients go to market objectives.

IBG / BluestemUSA works cooperatively and closely with a nationwide team of independent affiliates. We have chosen these M&A intermediaries and acquisition advisor specialists carefully. They are some of the most experienced and respected intermediaries and related specialists across the USA. They are maintained and nurtured to extend our effectiveness for the benefit of our clients and customers.