Selling businesses – in Oklahoma, regionally, across the USA, or internationally, is a specialty. Value will be gained or lost at each step and every decision when an owner sells a business. It is a progressive course, which handled professionally, can create an enhanced selling experience. A skillfully planned and executed sales process will lead to a quality business sale transaction, liquidity, personal fulfillment, and financial security. It requires understanding of preparing a business to sell, knowing how to sell a business, and having appropriate standing as to reputation, wisdom, art, experience, and the correct tools to get the business sold under the best possible circumstances.

At IBG / BluestemUSA, we possess the skills to sell a business in Oklahoma or, for that matter, any business across the region. We work to perceive what will be over the next hill for our clients. We commit to our clients’ successful business transitions through the sale of their business. That commitment is reinforced each day in the marketplace for selling and acquiring businesses. Bluestem brings our clientele decades of direct experience as professional intermediaries and advisors. Discreetly and efficiently, we achieve business owners’ goals with sensitivity to the valuable and confidential nature of their business sale.

We know the local Tulsa, Oklahoma, and national markets for business acquisitions. We’ve lived in them every day for more than twenty-five years. Our knowledge is coupled with a full complement of resources and expertise to deliver business sale or acquisition transactions consistent with our client’s objective.

Noteworthy is recognizing that IBG / BluestemUSA is not for everyone. We commit to our clients’ success as the prime mover of our success. We observe strict criteria before accepting a business to take to market for sale or purchase. IBG / BluestemUSA is in the profession for the long haul, not the short gain. We were here yesterday, stand strong today, and will be here long into the future.

When considering selling your business, finding a business for sale, divesting, or transitioning ownership to a known successor, IBG / BluestemUSA is the clear choice to guide your success. Do not hesitate, Contact us today to begin a confidential process to sell or buy your business.