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Business owners deserve expert guidance when working to enhance, buy, or sell a business. Tulsa’s IBG / BluestemUSA is Oklahoma’s respected and trusted choice as business broker and advisor to midsized family businesses.  IBG / BluestemUSA’s leading position is earned by delivering success to our clients.

Review Client Successes to understand our success with hundreds of mid-sized family owned businesses, valuations, and strategic planning.  Client Feedback provides strong testament to the esteem, character and performance as Trust Agents in the industry locally and nationally.


See our Awards & Distinctions to learn about IBG / BluestemUSA’s founder John C. Johnson.  John is an entrepreneur with Fortune 500 corporation expertise in strategy, valuation, and acquisitions.  He has successfully started, run, grown, and sold businesses including founding Bluestem Resources Group, LLC and Bluestem Resources Affiliated Group in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Review Mr. Johnson’s Bio to find out why other industry pros look to IBG / BluestemUSA for leadership and advice.


News notes a career of exceptional achievement, success, and accomplishments.  Distinguished in the company we keep and where we lead, our Affiliations will benefit you!


Bluestem Resources Group’s clients benefit from a full-time commitment as middle market specialists in preparing and executing successful business sales for over a quarter century.

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Note leading groups’ choice of CEO of Tulsa’s Bluestem Resource Group for critical leadership roles, as shown by Bluestem Resources Group’s key affiliations, its awards and distinctions, and national awards from business broker and M&A professions.   Mr. Johnson received Oklahoma recognition as Tulsa Metro Chamber’s and U.S. Small Business Administration’s Financial Services Advocate of the Year, as well as finalist as Tulsa’s Small Business Person of the Year.   Mr. Johnson, founder of Bluestem Resources Group, LLC and co-founder of Bluestem Resources Affiliated Group, was tapped as Director, Chairman, or Officer in leading groups such as Leadership Oklahoma, Tulsa Executives Association, Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce, Entrepreneurs of Tulsa, Oklahoma Alliance for Manufacturing Excellence, The M&A Source, Tulsa Economic Development Corporation, Oklahoma Private Enterprise Forum, and the International Business Brokers Association.

John C. Johnson comments on selecting Your Business Acquisition Advisors:

“I think it is an immutable law in business that words are words, explanations are explanations, promises are promises — but only performance is reality.”

. . . Harold S. Geneen

Owners of Family Businesses deserve the most credible intermediaries and consultants to guide their successful busines transitions.  Resources and expertise of Bluestem Resources in Tulsa provide that.

If you seek an Oklahoma business broker, Tulsa business acquisition advisors, or someone to help grow your midsized business valuation through strategic planning or profit improvements, Bluestem Resources delivers.  Bluestem Resources Group, LLC, trade name is BluestemUSAsm, but we are often just tagged as Bluestem.  By any name, succinctly, we stand apart and above.  Bluestem invites your scrutiny or our resources, expertise and track record, and recommends insisting the on same from any other advisor you consider.  The wise choice is Bluestem Resources Group for businesses in Oklahoma’s Green Country, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, across Oklahoma or in the 4-state region.

In Oklahoma’s Green Country, Bluestem grass is prevalent. Dominant tall grass prairie grasses are big bluestem and little bluestem. This prized resource is prevalent in names of ranches, parks, building companies, services, and other businesses.  The beauty of the Bluestem name and the blue stemmed grass prairies is part of the allure.  Strong, waving bluestem grass plays important roles for the resources based economy of Oklahoma’s Green Country and regional prairies.

Among businesses in Tulsa – Bluestem Resources Group is prominent.  Bluestem Resources Group has a rich history since 1987. Native Oklahomans, raised in Tulsa, and here by choice, we created our resource based services.  Our resources perform for our customers and clients.  Bluestem has a reputation for excellence, a blend of advanced education, personal abilities, refined tools, market access and other fundamental groupings of resources.  These are blended with high ethical standards, core values, and a long track record of performance. Bluestem Resources is affiliated with leading professionals in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and around the USA. The result is Bluestem Resources Group’s ability to bring wisdom, skill, art, creativity, effort, and resources together to benefit of our clients.

BluestemUSA Bluestem

We’ve heard imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.  We’re flattered.  Bluestem Resources Group is uniquely the “Original”.  As market leaders, we spawn competition with confidence, willing to share our good fortune by uplifting others. That said, wise consumers have learned to trust the “Original” Bluestem for true value.

Competition makes us strong.  We welcome it, knowing with confidence that Bluestem stands alone in capability to serve midsized family business owners. Bluestem Resources known position as the respected and trusted leader reflects strength, a solid history, knowledge and ability.

  • Over 25 years of full-time commitment to the business sale profession
  • Personal experience in owning, building, managing and selling successful business enterprises
  • Strong beliefs, core values, and tenants of conduct
  • Broad diversity of assignments and clients served
  • Large number of successful engagements and transactions
  • Highly educated – engineering, advanced business degree, and continuing education
  • National certifications and top awards
  • Extensive active contacts and data bases; local, regional, state, national, and beyond
  • Proven leadership in our profession and business communities – local, state, and national
  • Excellent peer and business owner networks
  • Effective in reputation and professional respect

At Bluestem Resources Group, LLC, our history is a platform for continuous growth and improvement.

In 2010, Bluestem Resources Group, LLC adopted the trade name BluestemUSA with a fresh logo.  The dated Bluestem Resources Affiliated website under bluestemresources.com was expropriated by a competitor, so www.BluestemUSA.com was created. The history of Bluestem included founding a coop venture LLC, known as Bluestem Resources Affiliated Group, which we discontinued in favor of a long-time proven business model and high standards for success.

We enjoy laughing about “variations” of our name as people reach out to us. We had the involvement with Bluestem Resources Affiliated Group; it pops up now and then. Most common is blue stem. Not far behind are bluestern, blustem, bluesteam, and bluestream. We see resourced, resourcing, resource, resourse, groups, grup, and grouper. Our favorite was bluegoose racehorses?  By any name, we respect and appreciate our midsized family business clientele and the opportunity to serve their objectives across Oklahoma and a 4-state area from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Take the first step forward to your successful transition; connect with Bluestem Resources Group today.  When selecting your guide in your most valuable and important business transactions and transitions, consider the breadth and depth of Bluestem’s team, our resource rich capabilities, and expertise in the group to discreetly manage your business succession issues.