The Tom West Award is the business brokerage professions its highest honor. John C. Johnson of Bluestem in Tulsa is a Tom West Award recipient. It is awarded annually to one member to recognize exceptional contributions in promoting the goals and ethics of the IBBA and the business brokerage profession. The award is named after founder, first president, and long-time leader Thomas L. West, who is credited with the profession’s early growth, creating a group of founders for IBBA, developing the IBBA and the stature of the profession.

IBBA is the world’s premier association for professionals in business brokerage and mergers and acquisitions. It has members across the USA and more than fourteen other countries around the world. As the leading association for business intermediaries, it advances professional development, educates, provides resources and promotes high ethical conduct. It sponsors national educational programs and collaborates in grass roots programs benefiting business communities across the country.

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